Mitchell Junction

Mitchell Junction is primarily a layout for operation by children. Designed in response to the appalling circumstances surrounding our Stamford 2019 show and named in honour of Michael Mitchell who donated most of the track and rolling stock, it is seen as the replacement for its forerunner Knowl End, itself a replacement for the retired layout Dundle.

Still very much at the design stage, it was conceived in the main by our chairman Paul Davies and is being planned using the Anyrail softwareV1 track planIt is a dual scale DCC layout, the intention being for it to be operated from tablet screens (if you can't beat them!)


This N Gauge layout is 8'x4' and is in four sections for transportation.

It is a ficticious location in West Cumbria on the coast in the early 1960's

It consists of through mainline double line  running and one town station, seen in below picture.

The centre of the layout consists of a winding elevated branch which passes a disused slate quarry, now used as an oil depot,and ends at the hematite mine (a type of iron ore used in the pigment process and radiation shielding) There were about a dozen of such mines in the area.

There is also a sea harbour and branch line that connects with the main line for the landing and rail distribution of fish as well as the transit of the hematite and oil drums.

These combinations should give a good variety of operations at exhibitions.

The layout was originally intended to be completed in 2017.

The mine, oil storage and harbour are all owned by the Earl of Krkhaven who is the local land owner and whose estate livery colours will feature on the layout!

The track is all Peco code 55 well worth the extra money for finesse

The team consists of  five or six members of the club who have yet to sign their GDPR(2)  forms  whose individual skills of scenic hand painting, landscape design, town and industrial    buildings,, track layout and wiring are making it an excellent layout!




A few photos showing progress






Woodcroft in EM

Sadly, this layout was damaged during recent vandalism at our Stamford Show. Repair work is underway however and we are confident the layout will be back on the exhibition circuit soon.


Originally built by David Smith a former chairman of the club.

Woodcroft is a small through station on an imaginary single-track line built to give access to Stamford from the Great Northern main line. It's main purpose was to allow for through running of coaches from King's Cross via Peteborough to Stamford.

The station has a single platform and a run round loop for goods trains. A small brickyard in the vicinity (so typical of the area) with sidings gives much useful goods traffic. For this exhibition, the layout is operated in the GNR or LNER period.

This layout has been purchased by the club and has been re-wired during 2014.


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Layout Update

It is sadly time for Sutterton to be retired in its present form as it has proved increasingly difficult of late to maintain the track, stock and wiring. We have a number of exciting ideas for this layout and we envisage the track formation and scenery  will in the main remain intact. We will publish further information as soon as it is to hand but for the time being, will show managers please note that this layout is not currently available.

A Pre-grouping Great Northern Railway through station by John Andrews