18th July 2019 

A meeting of interested parties.

Following the Stamford disaster, there has been quite a pause in progress on this layout due to space constraints while urgently needed repairs were being made on Woodcroft and it was decided to have a meeting outside of normal club times, to see what could be done to revive momentum. Those present were Dash, Eddie, Brian B, Brian F and Brian N. A number of questions had been raised by club members, particularly following the AGM in June as to the future of the layout. Clearly, it is not without problems, particularly with some of the points, but it was agreed that it should continue, as the club has a need for an O Gauge layout and having taken measurements of vehicles, it seems that this layout could be transported by car.


In terms of immediate progress, the following points were agreed:-

3 September 2018 

More cork laying done - nearly finished now. A final polish to our budget request to go to committee tomorrow and some track cleaning. The decision has been made to incorporate MERG Cbus units into the layout.

27th August 2018 

Rod brought in a repaired point much to everyones's acclaim but unfortunately Colin has had to postpone his soldering demo until next week, possibly. Our main activity this week was more discussion regarding the budget, which point control system we should adopt and the fiddle yard baseboards and cassettes.