Woodcroft in EM

Sadly, this layout was damaged during recent vandalism at our Stamford Show. Work is underway however and we are confident the layout will be back on the exhibition circuit soon.


Originally built by David Smith a former chairman of the club.

Woodcroft is a small through station on an imaginary single-track line built to give access to Stamford from the Great Northern main line. It's main purpose was to allow for through running of coaches from King's Cross via Peteborough to Stamford.

The station has a single platform and a run round loop for goods trains. A small brickyard in the vicinity (so typical of the area) with sidings gives much useful goods traffic. For this exhibition, the layout is operated in the GNR or LNER period.

This layout has been purchased by the club and has been re-wired during 2014.


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Photographs by Paul Bason

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Canons Cross

Canons Cross

The layout was originally built for BRM to show that a model railway is within the capabilities of anyone who has carried out DIY and those with skills at the beginners stage. All items were bought off the shelf from the local model shop and builders merchants. Some buildings are made from simple card kits that are pre-cut and very easily assembled.
Woodwork for the base boards is simple and has no complicated joints. Some builders merchants will part cut some of the plywood. Electrics are simple and sturdy requiring little soldering. Rolling stock is all ready to run. A series of articles regarding it's construction appeared in the magazine British Railway Modelling (Jan-Apr 2010 issues).It appeared at the BRM sponsored exhibitions in Doncaster, London and Peterborough in 2010 and 2011 and is still a popular layout available for exhibition.
The layout is based on the Southern Region of BR in the 1950/60s and operates with Steam,diesel and EMU's. It is a small terminus to a fiddle yard layout. The layout is approximately 20'x 2' in size plus an operating area and requires 3-4 operators to run and 2 cars to transport. One 5 amp power supply via an RCD is required to run the layout.


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Layout Photographs

by Tony Wright from British Railway Modelling

Pictures from the 2014 Stamford Show


Brunthill Station

An N Gauge layout, Brunthill is a small country town in the Yorkshire Dales, whose station and line connect to the London Midland region to the west,and ultimately the North Eastern region to the east.It is the early 1960s with both the last knockings of steam and the new diesel era.


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