Calletano East

A layout by Alan Hancock.

Calletano East

This HO/HOn3 layout was built as an 8’ x 2’ switching (shunting) exhibit and was due to make its debut at the ill-fated 2019 MDMRC show. Fortunately it survived untouched, but it was immediately incorporated into a “round the room” permanent layout. This was possibly a hasty decision as it will never be seen in public as was intended, but it has the advantage that through running of much longer trains is now possible. The layout features DCC control with sound.

The location is Colorado and the railroad companies represented could reasonably be found within that state, and the time the mid-1950s because there were still rare traces of steam among the diesels that often still sported their original colourful liveries.

The railroads reflected great changes in society of the time. Passenger traffic faced great competition from extravagantly styled automobiles suited to the recently authorised Interstate highways and newly introduced jet airliners, so trains were often shorter and overpowered. Innovative rail vehicles were introduced in an attempt to cut costs. Local freight traffic is still important, and the narrow gauge survives – just – and mixed gauge running is possible.

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