Alville Yard East 1957

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This is a member's layout; one of a number expertly created over the years by our member Alan Hancock.

Pictures and text by Alan Hancock

This is a 6 feet x 18 inches HO scale “lockdown” project intended to make use only of items I already had, either re-cycled (often many times!), spare or “borrowed” from my other layouts. I almost managed to keep to this plan, but had to purchase some track, paints and glues.

I am particularly interested in early American diesels, particularly the switchers (shunters), and this is intended as a diorama on which to display them rather than a full layout, though quite complicated shunting moves can be achieved. I wanted something more than a simple MPD as a stage. It is an attempt to see what can be accomplished in a small space, though it has been designed so that it can be expanded in the future.

Control is by DCC, most locomotives are sound equipped, and operation is from either the front or back of the two boards, which are small enough to be manoeuvred easily around the house including up and down stairs. The stock is equipped with KD couplers operated by permanent magnets. I made a real effort to keep as much wiring etc as possible on the top of the boards – as I get older scrabbling around underneath trying to solder is less attractive.


Alan Hancock (Market Deeping Model Railway Club)



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Exhibition Information for Show Managers
Scale: HO
Location  Alville USA
Era:  1950's
Dimensions: Baseboard size 6ft x 18 inches
Viewing (front only) 6 ft
Total Space required 6ft x 6ft
Valuation for Insurance Purposes:  £ NB: Please check before booking
Power: 1 x 13 Amp Mains socket
Transport: Number of Cars 1
Number of Operators 1
Other Requirements:  
Information last updated December 2021