Brunthill Station

An N Gauge layout, Brunthill is a small country town in the Yorkshire Dales, whose station and line connect to the London Midland region to the west,and ultimately the North Eastern region to the east.It is the early 1960s with both the last knockings of steam and the new diesel era.

 The town's claims to fame are its pretty Lilliput Lane houses and buildings, and its creamery, making the world famous BRUNTHILL CHEESE, which is said to be running a close second in sales to Camembert in France!

Local stopping trains are augmented by the occasional non-stopper heading to main line connections. The main freight operation, as well as sheep and cattle movements,is the delivery of milk to the creamery, including a milk wagon drop off from the local passenger train. The Club's main contributors to building the layout have also bought or are renting shops and buildings that provide a range of services as displayed on the back drop panel!

Brunthill was built to demonstrate the outstanding buildings available to N Gauge modellers from Lilliput Lane who in addition to their normal selection of high quality buildings  introduced a range specifically aimed at N Gauge modellers under the banner of Full Steam Ahead. Sadly, production stopped in 2017.

The micro minx point motors were found not to be robust enough for the exhibition circuit and have been replaced with standard Peco solenoid point motors. The layout is currently undergoing further work to improve on scenics and operability.

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Exhibition Information for Show Managers
Please note this layout is not currently available for bookings
Scale: 'N'. 2mm
Location  Imaginary
Era:  1960's
Dimensions: Baseboard size
Viewing front only (ft / m)
Total Space required
Valuation for Insurance Purposes:  £ NB: Please check before booking
Power: 1 x 13 Amp Mains socket
Transport: Number of Cars
Number of Operators  
Other Requirements:  
Information last updated 25 Jan 2019