Butterwick shed late 1950's on the Shropshire lines near Ludlow on the London Midland Region of BR

This 'O' Gauge layout was purchased as a running 8 foot scenic layout to use as a worked example for the club upcoming book productions with Pen and Sword publications, How to Construct a Model Railway, Constructing Model Buildings and Advanced Scenics.

One project was to drop in a 4 foot extension board section mid platform, to bring the overall scenic length up to 12 foot and another to add a 4 line traverser thus allowing Railbus and DMU parking in the fiddle yard.

The railway itself has the Ditton Priors branch as a basis, working as a light railway and allowing redressing of the set for mid 1950's steam through to the mid 1960's diesels as it is approaching economic closure.


A mid 1950's image when coal was king in the Butterwick yard.



A Jinty arrives with a non corridor carriage in tow, to return to Ludlow with the 2 wagons in addition.



Into the 1960's, the daily freight trip working by class 08. The post van drops off some invoice mail for the good shed



Sometimes the freight run is performed by a Class 05 Hunslet shunter, seen here with an oil delivery for the ex coal yard.


The Railbus years, testing the new board section that has been added to the layout length.



Spur for locomotive run around, now just used by the freight trip locomotives. Like Ditton Priors which had a Royal Navy Yard, we have an industry that ensured the lines survival a little longer than others.


A long view of the extended layout being tested. The engine shed, platform extension and bridge over a water mill leet are all new for the publications project.



Approaching closure, the lines begin to be lifted and the signal box is switched out of use. The end is sadly in sight.