Christmas Competition

Open to all full members.

 snow scene

Entries are invited for - A Railway Themed Christmas Scene, no larger than 18" x 18" (may be smaller, any shape, but total area not to exceed 324 sq inches, with no side longer than 18"). May be static or have movement, any scale, any era, any place, any gauge, prototype or freelance.
It is hoped the competition will be judged by someone outside the club. The criteria will be IMAGINATION, CHRISTMAS ATMOSPHERE and MODELLING SKILL.
There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
Entries should be brought to the club without any competitor's identification in time for judging at 8.45pm on the evening of the Club Christmas Social 11/12/2017.  You may have heard elsewhere that an alternative is giving them to me to bring. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS - I have a "work" meeting that evening (unfortunately despite the season it will certainly be no party) which means I shall probably arrive late or not at all.
You will recall that the idea of a competition was kindly initiated and judged by Brian Norris last year, but there were disappointingly few entries. The idea of giving a relatively short notice is so that people don't feel they need to spend a large amount of time on something that is meant to be FUN. (Last year's winner was actually started on the day of the judging!)
 In the words of Wilfred Pickles (a good test of your age if you know who he was) please 
Incidentally if you want ideas as to what can be done in a small space have a look at the various Carendt micro layouts websites. If your modelling inspiration is a Duchess and twelve coaches attacking Shap, a Big Boy with 100+ boxcars leaving Omaha, or complex shunting in Whitemoor yard it is probably not your cup of tea, and the standard of modelling is variable, but the imagination is immense and to me the sheer enjoyment of model railways shines through. 
Any questions/comments please ask me in good time.