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Change of Premises and Status

Change of Premises

Sadly, last autumn our landlord of many years advised us that he thought it was time we found alternative premises. When we moved in some 15 or so years ago we were a small club and the meeting room and the parking were adequate to our needs. Since then the club has grown and so has the farm and there was a concern that with the larger farm machinery and the higher number of visitors, something had to give. Fortunately, Colin our landlord gave us 12 - 18 months to move out and we have spent a lot of time and energy working on just that.

Charitable Status

We are happy to report that we think we have identified new premises, sadly still not in Market Deeping and not without its own challenges. Negotiations are ongoing with a new landlord with a view to us building bespoke premises with a 25 year lease, a much larger area (with toilets) and at a hugely preferential rent. To be able to enter into a lease and to contract with solicitors, architects and builders we have decided that the best course of action is for us to convert the club to a charity and this we achieved last month. We are now Market Deeping Model Railway Club CIO Registered Charity No. 1187779. Matters are currently in the hands of solicitors with regard to the lease agreement and we hope to hear further very soon.

The first trustees of the club are:-

David (Dash) Ashwood, Peter Davies, Brian Driscoll,  Alan Hancock, Rod Fitzpatrick and Brian Norris.

We have much work to do as the ramifications of these changes sink in not least in that all our logos and branding need to be updated and shown below is a draft copy of our amended roundel logo.

We will naturally publish more information as and when we can.

20200307 draft roundel with