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Greatford Crossing

We are very pleased to announce that club member Graham Hobbs has kindly allowed us to give some details of his layout, Greatford Crossing, on our website.

Casewick Bridge

Many years ago this picture was part of the inspiration for this layout. Over many years, Graham has built it up to its current glory which is revealed in full in our Gallery Section.

 Casewick bridge - the model
And here is the model as created by Graham.

See further details in the gallery section or on his blog

Colin Brown

cbrownWe’re sad to report that Colin Brown our President and Chairman of the club for 12 years, has had a health setback. He is now home from Peterborough City Hospital. Though he is improving day by day, he is quite tired and not as strong as he would like to be!

The club will update this statement from time to time as Colin improves but, meanwhile, the family has requested that he and Marion can have their privacy respected and phone calls kept to a minimum.

We all wish Colin a speedy recovery and a return to the 0 gauge modelling he so loves (and is so very good at).

Christmas Competition

With the majority of the country heading into Tier 2 or Tier 3 restrictions, it is looking very unlikely that our competition will take pkace as initially hoped for. However, that is not to say that it will not happen at all and hopefully in the New Year, it will take place and who knows, maybe even in our new premises. 

For the time being, therefore, will all entrants please store their entries once finished, until a further announcement is made.

In the meantime here are the winning entries from last year.

New Test Track

In the hope of moving to new premises next year, Bill Sowerby and Mick Quinn have been quietly engaged in making a new test track whilst using as much of the old one as possible. As you can see, the quality of Bills woodwork is top notch. Rumour has it that he used the need for building this as justification for treating himself to a new mortice cutter. The curves for the extension pieces were cut with the assistance of Eddie Adams on his band saw and they used the original jig and template which was used when building the original test track 15+years ago! Amazingly,  Eddie dug this out from his workshop even after all this time. 

With grateful thanks to Bill for the photographs.

A complete selection of Bills photographs together with descriptions are on his Gallery page

Change of Premises

All members will be aware by now of our search for new premises. Come what may, we have been given a very generous period of notice by our landlord and we have to move out. Plans are being prepared for our move, an Action Plan has been developed and we hope that negotiations might be completed by the time the Covid-19 situation is more under control.