We gratefully acknowledge the help offered to us following the vandalism at Stamford in 2019. Sadly that episode resulted in the total annihilation of a large number of Metcalfe buildings on our layout Knowle End, a childrens layout. Metcalfe very kindly offered to replace all the buildings with new kits. A suggestion we gratefully accepted.

  • The UK's No 1 Supplier of Card Model Kits
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the Yorkshire Dales
  • Built and enjoyed by modellers across the globe
  • Available in both OO and N Scales
  • Realistc, detailed and fun to construct
  • Inexpensive way to construct great scenes
  • Easy to customise and adapt

We couldn't have said it better! They also sell pre-printed brick and paving sheets, glue applicators, low relief buildings, domestic and industrial / railway buidings and they really are good fun to put together. The only problem with their popularity is that everyone is likely to have at least one (or more!) of their kits, but with a little time and effort, it is entirely possible to disguise them.

Available from your local stockist, shows or online.