Originationg with LGB this German software is available in English. Allowing for glass control panel and automation it is chiefly aimed at LGB and also currently supports the following systems as of August 2020. Also as of Aug 2020, prices range from 80 - 100 Euros depending on choices made at purchase time. This is not free software.

Supported Digital systems:

  • Massoth DiMAX
  • LGB MTS II / III with Interfaces 55060 (switching/driving ), 55045 (programming)
  • Lenz Digital plus (all software versions up to 3.x and Interfaces)
  • Uhlenbrock Intellibox Basic (IB 1 and IB IR), usable also with extended P50X mode
  • Fleischmann TwinCenter (usable also with extended P50X mode)
  • Tams EasyControl  / RedBox (useable also with extended P50X mode)
  • Märklin/Arnold with 6050/6051 Interfaces (old Märklin-Systems 6020/6021 with Interface 6050/6051)