Euston Station


Following on from the publicity of the May 2019 Stamford Show disaster the MDMRC was kindly offered a diorama of Victorian Euston Station based on a woodcut print of the Illustrated London News by Robert Smith.

This 10 foot by 8 foot baseboard contained the key private and public buildings from the Euston Square park lodges, up Euston Grove, through the Doric Arch and into the mainline station courtyard.

Built with traditional methods of wood framed hardboard carcase, cereal box layering and drinking straws for chimney pots it has provided the jumping off point for super detailing using 3d printing techniques for doors, windows, rooftops and to introduce the parks in detail using donated scenic materials, in order to bring it up to exhibition standards.

The chosen timeline is July 1875 when the Sultan of Zanzibar came by train from Liverpool to London on the LNWR and personally ratify an anti Slavery Treaty with Benjamin Disraeli.

Phase One of the station will first be displayed at our 2020 Exhibition, Phase 2 will involve the Great Hall and railside Arrival and Departure platforms to fiddle yard for operation.

Work in progress photographs

Euston Arch to Station Courtyard

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Southampton Street Villas, Edwards Family Hotel

Before detailing

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After Detailing

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 Update: 8th November 2019

Euston Square East and West gardens are now nearing completion with 3d printed foot tunnel entrances and iron railings in place with use of donated scenery to soft sculpt the gardens themselves. Statues of Stevenson and Aphrodite printed and in place.

Euston Square Gardens

Exhibition Information

Scale: 4mm OO
Size 8 foot by 10 foot
Transport 1 car
Operators Currently no operations, static model
Era - Mid Victorian
Location - Euston Grove, London