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Quote from their website:

Minerva Model Railways launched in the spring of 2015 with its acclaimed 0 gauge RTR Peckett E Class 0-4-0 saddle-tank locomotive. The company was formed by Chris Basten of Dragon Models and Chris Klein of Ixion, both experienced businessmen and model railway enthusiasts, who were frustrated with the long delays between announcements of new models and subsequent delivery

The owners are committed 7mm scale modellers – we know our business Our models are only available from Minerva directly or selected added-value suppliers Each model is checked and run before delivery We deliver in a reasonable time We do not over-promise.

Since launch, we have delivered models of the Peckett E class, Victory side tank, 3 varieties of the Great Western 57XX/8750 pannier tank locomotive, Iron Minks, Gunpowder Vans,a modified Mink, and the latest, a GW Open A 5 plank wagon on time, sometimes within 3 months of announcement.

Our fourth loco, the Manning Wardle K class was again delivered on time All this shows that it is possible to produce accurate models without waiting for years. The future We intend to produce at least one new 7mm scale model locomotive each year, together with rolling stock that will have universal appeal. This will continue to be combined with brilliant customer service, outstanding quality, competitive prices and attention to detail.