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The East Lincolnshire Railway was a main line railway linking the towns of Boston, Louth and Grimsby in Lincolnshire, England. It opened in 1848. All intermediate stations, with most of the route, were closed to passengers in 1970.

Following a public enquiry in 1991 a Light Railway Order was granted to the Great Northern & East Lincolnshire plc, which allowed them to develop the line. They bought the trackbed between Louth and Waltham from British Rail, but were prevented from buying it all the way to Grimsby due to the Peakes Parkway project in Grimsby. This left about 10 miles of track that could be developed, about 5 miles either side of Ludborough. Since that time, and money permitting, Ludborough station has been redeveloped. The signal box was rebuilt in the original Great Northern style, a waiting room [which houses a small museum and shop] a paved platform and a two-lane engine shed. By this time there was continuous track of three quarters of a mile with carriage sidings and this is being slowly extended as time and money permits.