Market Obthorpe

Market Obthorpe is the name chosen for the clubs new O Gauge Layout. The location is entirely fictitious and based loosely on 'somewhere in the  north east of England' in a market town. This gives us the excuse to run a variety of stock as availablilty and the mood takes us.

The Team

Leader: Colin Brown

Assisted by Brian Bartholomew, David Booth, Rod Fitzpatrick, Alan Hancock, Brian Norris, Mick Quinn, Leslie Watson and Steve Whitehouse. (If your name has been inadvertently missed off please let Brian  Norris know.)

The Plan

Plans were drawn up using Anyrail software which is available for free from the AnyRail website.


Market Obthorpe Plan


Construction of the baseboards was completed at Colin's on 12th June 2015, construction being undertaken by Colin, Dave and Brian N. The four main boards are fully ready and the two fiddle yard boards will need their legs altering once the height of the cassettes is established.

David Booth working on a boardThe tables appeared in the club recently and the two Brian's (Bartholomew and Norris) are working to fix the alignment bolts between boards.

Sept 2015

Track Laying has begun in earnest now that we have the critical 3 - way point.