9th July 2018

Progress had pretty much ground to a halt, the layout was being used as a glorified shelf and most of us had all but given up hope.

A small group of us got together and decided to get things moving again. Unfortunately after laying pretty much all the track, it has been decided that we would be better served laying it on a cork base rather than straight onto the baseboards. So we are in the process of carefully lifting the track by soaking the PVA glue holding the track down with water and using a wallpaper scraper.

Track lifting and regluing
Lifted track with cork underlay being glued underneath

Cork is being cut to shape and the track relaid. This is not without its problems as some of the chairs are proving brittle and easily damaged.

We have been challenged by Peter Davies our new chairman to get the layout in some form to the position where we can run trains on it by the date of the next show. Generally thought to be feasible in a simplified format, a new trackplan has been drawn up

and details of this and other considerations have been sent to all participating members by email.

To all participating members

  • This web page has now been converted to a series of 'blog' articles and will be added to as time marches on.
  • Group emails will be sent out weekly so that if you miss a week (please try not to), at least you can gain some idea of what happened and please keep up to date by reading them.
  • If you would like to join the group please come and talk to us on a club night. 

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