16th July 2018

Following on from last weeks' mail out, there was considerable discussion as to the way forward.

First and foremost was the trackplan which has been agreed as a workable compromise between complexity and a pragmatic look at how much we can achieve, given our time frame.

Track Plan latest
The track plan as at 16/07/18

Other topics covered were location, era and stock availability. 

Meanwhile, the lifting and relaying of track continues.


watching glue dry
Track being held in place while the glue dries


To all participating members

  • Group emails will be sent out to you individually so that if you miss a week (please try not to), at least you can gain some idea of what happened and please keep up to date by reading them.
  • For full details please refer to the email.
  • If you would like to join the group please come and talk to us on a club night. 

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