18th July 2019 

A meeting of interested parties.

Following the Stamford disaster, there has been quite a pause in progress on this layout due to space constraints while urgently needed repairs were being made on Woodcroft and it was decided to have a meeting outside of normal club times, to see what could be done to revive momentum. Those present were Dash, Eddie, Brian B, Brian F and Brian N. A number of questions had been raised by club members, particularly following the AGM in June as to the future of the layout. Clearly, it is not without problems, particularly with some of the points, but it was agreed that it should continue, as the club has a need for an O Gauge layout and having taken measurements of vehicles, it seems that this layout could be transported by car.


In terms of immediate progress, the following points were agreed:-

  • we all agreed that the layout would be an exhibition one and therefore would need to be of a high standard
  • layout area to be tidied
  • no track to be lifted unless for repair
  • signal box to be found a home without lifting track
  • each board to be capable of standing on its own legs
  • end boards to be made so that 'not in use boards' can be stored in pairs where possible.
  • Wiring to continue (2 boards and the control panel already completed)
  • Colin to be tasked with the job of getting the turntable completed
  • Stock: the inventory from our quartermaster awaited, although it seems much may be GWR. A bid to be lodged ASAP


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