Memory Lane


Memory Lane  is primarily a layout for operation by the public. Indeed it is difficult to describe it as a layout since the intention is that it will be built 'on the day' by members of the public, with a little suitable guidance, no doubt.  The layout came about in response to the appalling circumstances surrounding our Stamford 2019 show and the amazing amount of donations of the old 3 rail Hornby Dublo system that was received

Conceived by our Secretary, Brian Norris and being planned using the Anyrail software as ideally, a double 'roundy roundy' with passing loops. the intention being that, depending on popularity, it can grow from its initial 4 feet by 8 feet footprint by the simple expedient of us making up some more boards.

Basic Layout

 basic layout

Early Days

Trial Layout


Remember these? This picture shows a few engines and coaches on some loose laid track laid on some experimental boards on the authors floor.

UPDATE:  15th March 2020

Hornby Dublo donations have continued to come in to us, most recently from Ian W in Louth Lincs, they have enabled us to expand our base layout to form something which a 1950s schoolboy could only have dreamed. The following photographs show a sample of what has been received.




As we continue to refurbish and restore locomotives and track we will publish some cameos here.


Exhibition Information

Scale OO 3 rail Hornby Dublo
Size 8 ft x 4 ft
Transport 1 car
Operators 2
Era n/a
Location n/a
Scenics basic but hopefully nostalgic
Baseboards An MDF / Foam / Cork sandwich which will need tables to sit on


Exhibition Information for Show Managers
Please note this layout is not currently available for exhibitions
Scale: 'OO'. 4mm
Era:  Pre 1960
Dimensions: Baseboard size
Viewing front only (ft / m)
Total Space required
Valuation for Insurance Purposes:  £ NB: Please check before booking
Power: 1 x 13 Amp Mains socket
Transport: Number of Cars
Number of Operators  2
Other Requirements:  
Information last updated 25 Jan 2020