Springbluff City 1957

Bill Sowerby & Alan Hancock in Sleaford 2018

A small industrial town near Denver, Colorado, away from the important main lines which carry the long-distance passenger and heavy freight trains.

Steam has been almost eliminated from the mainline railroads of this area of America, and the diesel locomotive builders are competing strongly for orders. Examples from General Motors, Budd, Alco, Baldwin and Fairbanks-Morse may be seen.
Passenger traffic is now declining almost everywhere in the face of competition from the rise of car ownership, recently introduced jet airliners and the newly authorised inter-state highway programme. Trains are much reduced in length and frequency, with rolling stock and locomotives intended for use on the great trans-continental expresses found on much humbler assignments. There is still some local mixed freight, often moved in over-powered short trains.

 The Layout

Track is mainly Atlas code 55. Locos are Kato, Bachmann, and Atlas, with Microtrains and Athearn stock fitted with magnetic couplers. Road vehicles are largely from Classic Miniatures and Athearn, figures are by Noch and Woodlands Scenics. Buildings are a mixture of scratch built, Walthers, Bar Mills, Downtown Deco and Blair Line.



Please note that this layout is not a club layout but is one of a number expertly created over the years by our member Alan Hancock, pictured above right. All enquiries for booking should still be placed in the first instance through our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 The layout takes about 15 mins to assemble, it is small (5 feet by 2 feet 8 inches), very unsophisticated (hand operated points!) but it seems to be appreciated by a range of people from modellers to children as it is a bit different with plenty going on.

Exhibition Information for Show Managers
Scale: 'N'. 2mm
Location  Colorado, USA
Era:  1957
Dimensions: Baseboard size 5ft x 2ft 8 in
Viewing front only 5 feet
Total Space 7 ft x 7 ft
Valuation for Insurance Purposes:  £ 2,800: Please check before booking
Power: 1 x 13 Amp Mains socket
Transport: Number of Cars:1
Number of Operators 2
Other Requirements:  1 tabel + 1 or 2 chairs
Information last updated 25 Jan 2020