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Paint Colours

Painting models is a huge subject in its own right and there are some proprietary makes such as Railmatch which aim to provide an 'exact' match. For more modern models this may be true but for older ones, the paint was occasionally mixed on site and was subject to variance. In proprietary terms, these ranges of paints can prove expensive especially for those modelling on the larger scales and hence the list given below which approximately matches Halfords spray can colours to rail colours.


Railmatch:- Gaugemaster now carry a complete listing of Railmatch colours and a visit to their website  is highly recommended .

For a list of Railmatch colours and their use for painting models, see the Paint Guide on the Fox Transfers website at

Paint colours are very often a subjective matter, given that most old photographs were taken in black and white but below is a list gleaned from various sources of railway colours matched to Halfords rattle cans.


Source Rattle can colour
BR coach carmine Ford rosso red
BR coach cream (well worn) Peugeot antelope beige
BR coach cream Vauxhall gazelle beige Vauxhall gazelle beige
BR diesel blue VW Pargas blue VW Pargas blue
BR diesel light green band  Ford highland green
BR loco yellow warning panel  Vauxhall mustard yellow
BR Maroon   
BR steam loco blue  Peugeot royal blue
CR dark blue  Rover midnight blue
CR steam loco  Peugeot royal blue
GWR coach cream  Rover Primula yellow
GWR or Pullman coach brown  Rover russet brown
GWR/BR loco green  Ford laurel green
GWR/BR loco green  Rover Brooklands green
LBSCR umber  Vauxhall Brazil brown
LMS Coronation Blue  Rover Pageant mid-blue
LNER garter blue  VW Pargas blue
LNER garter blue/BR diesel blue,  but slightly more blue Ford fjord blue, less green
LNWR coach bluey-white upper panels  Daewoo Casablanca white
LNWR/LYR coach plum lower panels  Daewoo dark red
LYR coach upper panels  Plastikote nut brown
MR/LMS/BR red  Rover damask red
N.Staffs maroon  Vauxhall Gambia red
NER coach red  Vauxhall Gambia red
Roof grey  Halford's plastic bumper
SDJR blue  Rover midnight blue
SR dark olive green  Land Rover Coniston green
Stanier Coronation blue Peugeot royal blue
Stroudley LBSCR ochre  BMC tan

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